Leverage Linkedin to Find A New Job

How could you not love LinkedIn as a way of getting closer to all of the best recruiters and increasing your number of job offers? LinkedIn has long been the must-use professionals’ social network, but that doesn’t mean that it’s enough to simply sign up. All too many candidates give potential [ Read more ]

How To Structure An Effective CV

Where ever you are in your career, your CV is a critical element to securing  your perfect new job. Although some pieces of advice in relation to a CV are more obvious than others, there are no ‘hard and fast’ rules to using it to maximise the attention received by your next job [ Read more ]

What The Most Successful Candidates Do

All candidates want to be successful – that much is obvious. But what steps do these people take, that the less successful candidates don’t? Some of them are less obvious than others. It’s easy to think that to find a job, you simply need to do anything and everything, but there are certain areas [ Read more ]

How To Promote Yourself And Not Sound Arrogant

Are you the kind of person who watches the bragging of job candidates on certain TV shows (ahem, The Apprentice) and thinks, “I could never be like that?” You’re hardly alone. A lot of Britons, in particular, can’t stand blowing their own trumpet – after all, we can’t stand such [ Read more ]

How Social Media Can Hurt Your Job Search

Barely a week seems to pass without some high-profile instance of a social media gaffe costing someone their job – indeed, as we type, former PR executive Justine Sacco has been given her marching orders by her firm after ill-advised Twitter comments about Africa and AIDS. But a lot of the time, doing and [ Read more ]

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