How to easily improve your interview confidence in just 2 minutes

No matter how senior you are, nerves will impact your interview confidence. And nerves can strike at any time.

Amy Cuddy – one of the worlds leading social scientists shares information about her studies on impact of your body language (non-verbal communication) not only on other people but on yourself.

Cuddy’s research measured hormone levels – testosterone (dominance) and cortisol (stress) and proved the impact of specific types of body language.

The research also revealed the circuitous nature of these impacts: when confidence is running high it is much easier to brush off threats or challenges. However when confidence is low what was easy to cope with high confidence now feels insurmountable.

Cuddy also highlights the body language that people tend to assume right before a job interview and why it is the exact opposite of what serves you well.

In her brilliant book – Presence (available on Amazon) Amy Cuddy has packed scientifically proven insights about confidence & anxiety together with ways to manage them better.

You might not have time to read her book, but I encourage you to spend 20 minutes on this video. If you’re reading this and thinking “not another self-help guru” then put that feeling to one side. Amy Cuddy’s work is science…. not mumbo jumbo written in a bedroom just to sell books.

Already over-flowing with self-confidence? Know that following these principals would not be fair on others? Then do the fair thing and share this video with those that most need it.

Finally, keep in mind that these findings are not just limited to job interview situations. In fact, applying these strategies to every-day work situations is might well have more impact on your career than applying them just in interview situations.