How to Improve Your Recruitment Experience (and Why You Should)

Not much is know from an industry-wide perspective about the recruitment experience with businesses in luxury, fashion or sports. Certain employers and certain industries (tech for example) have been much quicker to grasp the subject and the wider topic of employer branding. It seemed important to us to learn [ Read more ]

What Your Recruitment Process Says To Candidates

You might think that you are doing everything that you can to attract the highest quality candidates, but with potentially hundreds of applicants for each job advertisement that you publish in what is undoubtedly a highly competitive industry, it can be easy to miss out on even great people. There is, however, a [ Read more ]

Common Interviewer Mistakes

Everyone you hire will be an ambassador for your business: to customers, suppliers and anyone your employee meets socially. So making the right decision is critical to long term success. However, many hiring managers fail to prepare properly, often not even reading CVs until a few minutes before the interview. It is [ Read more ]