The Best Brand Activation For Years? – House of Vans Launches In London

Despite limited marketing activity the only way that you’ll not know something about Vans is if you’ve been living on Mars for the last couple of decades.

What you might not know is that Vans has as much heritage in art and music culture, as it does in skate and board sports.

Learn more about their history & culture in this fascinating video.

So the forthcoming House Of Vans (opening in London, Aug 2014) makes total sense. Housed in old railway arches in Battersea the it features an art gallery, a sweet indoor skate bowl and a music venue for 850 people.

Ask around and many people will only associate Vans with the skate and board sports scene. So it’s refreshing to see that instead of spending marketing dollars on adverts and endorsements, Vans are taking their experience right to the consumer.

Looking at the reaction on social media folks are pretty excited about this. Which is not surprising because it feels more genuine than opening a department store on Oxford Street would have done.

This project is also a concrete sign that we are in economic recovery – it seems a long time since any brand made such a big statement in London. Sure, there have been numerous ‘pop-up’ and ‘flash’ events but this is here permanently and the stunning design reflects that too. Rival brands have certainly had a warning shot across the bow!

Check out the dedicated House of Vans website here and check-in to a skate session (don’t be surprised if it’s booked until christmas though!)